New technologies and the oil and gas industry

As reported in Oil & Gas today, energy companies are utilising new and emerging technologies to support contemporary operational and workforce needs and remain competitive in a COVID-19 impacted market.

The oil and gas industry is known as a world leader in new technology deployment, such as remote connectivity and augmented reality, which act to support remote and off shore assets. Additionally, new technologies are improving on-site productivity, reducing costs and improving safety conditions to bolster the capability of assets and employee's.

Rockwell Automation commercial engineer for Australia and New Zealand, Derek Athanassiou commented,

“There are various reasons for needing this connectivity, with a big focus on the maintenance aspect and how it can improve up time, reduce risk and allow for remote assistance. Some of the drivers for remote connectivity could be global economic shift, ageing infrastructure, issue resolution and workforce skills gap.”

“Benefits of remote connectivity include: maximising asset uptime and productivity, rapid resolution means less downtime. Maintenance teams can use remote connectivity and monitoring to respond to problems faster and there is no need to physically go to the asset. This also reduces personnel risk by providing safer access to remote sites.” Athanassiou said.

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