New funding for training materials supports LNG jobs

The WA Government have committed new funding to develop the learning materials needed to ensure training of operators for liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants are recognised industry-wide.

APPEA WA Director Claire Wilkinson said the funding, outlined in the State’s 2020–21 Government Mid-year Financial Projections Statement, will ensure operators are taught in a consistent manner across training providers.

“With the bulk of Australia’s LNG plants and production located in Western Australia, it’s great to see the WA Government back our industry by supporting the training of local workers in these critical skillsets,” Ms Wilkinson said. “Developing the learning materials will enable the LNG Operator Skills Framework to be provided to students, solving the problem of increasing costs for companies and frustration for workers who currently have to undergo new training each time they start at a new LNG facility.”

The development of learning materials is a subsidiary project launched as part of the LNG Jobs Taskforce and work of LNG Operator Skills Framework project, led by the RITC. The new project will be executed as a collaboration between South Metropolitan TAFE, the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Innovation and Science, the RITC and industry.

Read the full APPEA media release.

Image: Woodside Energy Ltd