Mining Skills Organisation Pilot - activation, implementation and delivery

The Mining Skill Organisation Pilot (MSOP) have this week published their Quarterly bulletin, stating 2021 will be all about activation, implementation and delivery.

The MSOP was announced in 2019 as part of a Federally-funded pilot to strengthen Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system (VET) by ensuring it remains responsive, respected and flexible. The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) have been coordinating the MSOP on behalf of employers and in conjunction with broader industry.

The quarterly bulletin outlines four project hubs will form the basis of activity, with first three (digital transformation, apprenticeships, qualifications reform) assigned priority.

Digital transformation

The digital transformation project is focused on establishing a process/mechanism to migrate existing accredited courses into Australia’s training product library (training packages). It will also include the design of a process (and appropriate materials) to facilitate the identification and prioritisation of new digital/technology related content needed by the resources sector.


The apprenticeships project is focused on the diesel fitting job role – a role significantly affected by technological change and merging of skill domains. Initial effort will explore skill and knowledge requirements of this role and map these against current training products. This project will also explore design options to enable an acceleration of delivery and assessment to meet industry need.

Qualifications reform

Under the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform, all governments committed to simplifying, rationalising and streamlining national VET qualifications. The qualifications reform project takes the qualifications reform trials design elements and design objectives and applies them in the context of MSOP project hubs.

A key feature of this project is unlocking skill set potential through ways of ‘stacking’ skill sets to achieve nationally recognised qualifications to deliver dividends to industry and learners through access to ‘just enough and just in time’ learning. The project will focus on standards and pathways development.

Attraction and retention

This hub will look at delivering a framework to support both the attraction of people with transferrable skills into the mining industry and the retention of existing talent. The framework will also look to promote mining as an industry of choice. The hub will include research into workforce planning, pathways and transferable skills, and overseas models.

The next quarterly report will feature an update on project partners, steering and working group reflections, and a summary of survey outcomes which seek to analyse how industry would like to receive updates and engage with MSOP.

Access the full public bulletin and subscribe here.

Access the link to learn more about the MSOP.