Good news for the Goldfields and mining!

It's been a big week for Kalgoorlie resources projects with a number of positive announcements hitting the headlines such as:

  • Evolution Mining secured a deal with Northern Star to purchase their Kundara Assets, a sale of approximately $400 million. Evolution will be offering employment contracts to and assuming liabilities for all of Northern Star’s transferring employees (source).

  • BHP have also entered into an agreement to supply Nickel from it's Nickel West facility to the worlds largest electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. With demand for nickel in batteries estimated to grow by over 500 per cent over the next decade, the signifies good news for battery minerals in Western Australia. BHP will also collaborate with Tesla Inc. on securing battery supply chain sustainability and energy storage solutions to lower carbon emissions (source).

  • Lynas Rare Earths were awarded a Australian Government grant of $14.8 million to commercialise an industry-first Rare Earth carbonate refining process that has been developed by their inhouse research and development team. The new process will be installed during the construction of our Rare Earth Processing Facility in Kalgoorlie. The $500 million Kalgoorlie Rare Earth Processing Facility project will increase employment by approximately 290 positions during construction and approximately 120 ongoing jobs once operational (source).

The Outlook for Selected Critical Minerals indicated that critical minerals will play a critical role in the global industrial shift towards electric vehicles, renewable energy generation and stationary battery storage systems (source), and with the projected growth of the global EV fleet growing by 30 per cent each year up to 2050 (source), these projects mark important opportunities for Western Australia and the Goldfields.

Cobalt, graphite and rare earths are regarded as critical along with nickel, lithium and copper (source). Additionally, Gold is also utilised in electric vehicles (source) and rare earth applications are growing for batteries, magnets and catalysts (source).