Employers’ role crucial to trade apprentices completing training

Most trade apprentices who don’t complete their training cite employment-related reasons for leaving, highlighting how crucial the employer’s role is in supporting them to finish their apprenticeships.

The report Traditional trade apprenticeships: experiences and outcomes examines findings from the 2019 Apprentice and Trainee Experience and Destination Survey, and from focus groups held with apprentices to understand their perspective on what’s effective, what’s not, and what needs improvement.

NCVER Managing Director Simon Walker said that trade apprentices report high levels of satisfaction with their off-the-job training even if they don’t complete their apprenticeship.

“Where we see differences are with their on-the-job experiences; non-completers are much less satisfied with their working conditions, supervision, pay, types of work,  and their relationships with co-workers than those who complete their apprenticeships.”

People overwhelmingly choose a trade apprenticeship because they want to work in that kind of job (or because they just want to work in general), and completing that apprenticeship can have a big impact on a workers’ employment outcomes and earning potential.

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