Future-Proofing the WA Economy

"Future-Proofing the WA Economy is the fourth report in the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s Focus on Industry report series. The report recommends the implementation of a ‘smart specialisation’ approach to regional diversification, to ensure that new development opportunities build on existing regional capabilities and capitalise on local conditions and networks." - Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

In particular, "Scientific testing and analysis services appears as an option for diversification in many regions. Professional services are often difficult to enter in regional areas because these businesses often benefit from access to a significant skilled labour market in large cities. However, industry classes in both the Agriculture and Mining industry divisions are typically tied to regional resource endowments and these industries both require and are related to Scientific testing and analysis services. As a result this industry emerges as a key option for diversification into professional services in regional economies." - Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

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