Composites sector - Priorities and Opportunities

Composite products (such as those made from fibreglass, carbon fibre and plastics) are used heavily by the resources, aerospace, defence, renewable energy, medical and recreational sectors. Over the last decade the manufacturing workforce of WA, in which the Composites sector is seated, has contracted, and this trend is forecast to continue through to 2023. In contrast, the projected mining sector expansion, increased government expenditure (infrastructure and defence), increased adoption and development of new technologies, and the demand for sustainable products, are providing opportunities for sector growth.

Following the August 2019 meeting, Advisory Board members agreed to endorse the Composites project, contracted to Composites Australia. This project was conducted in the pre-COVID-19 environment.

In August 2019, the RITC launched the Composites project to produce a workforce skills and training development document which clearly identifies the issues impacting skill development and training opportunities within the Composite sector, whilst offering solutions. In addition, the project intended to conduct an exploration of the current and future market opportunities for WA composites manufacturing, and their relevance as a potential mechanism to broaden the State's economic base.

The project report has been completed and endorsed by the RITC Advisory Board.

For further information please contact Liz Crompton at the RITC.

Image source Aquatic Leisure Technologies