Australian Mining 2030 - The trends that will shape the next decade

WesTrac have released a report entitled, "Australian Mining 2030 - The trends that will shape the next decade" which explores the relevant trends and future potential for the implementation of new technologies across the mining sector.

"We live in an age of unprecedented technological change. New technologies emerge daily, re-shaping the way human beings do business, communicate, and spend our leisure time.Access the Breakthrough technologies have the power to disrupt entire sectors, challenging existing players and empowering companies with the courage and vision to embrace change. The mining sector is no exception. Technological advances are rapidly re-shaping the industry, changing everything from prospecting and exploration to development, extraction and finally closure and reclamation. The skills needed by workers are changing at an incredible rate as digitalisation, automation and data collection transform work practices." - WesTrac

Access the full report here

Image source Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.