Supporting Automation – What is Required?

The Australian resources sector is a global leader in the development and application of autonomous technologies. Vast improvement in health and safety conditions for operators, economic gains bolstered by the improved predictability and productivity of autonomous technologies, the increased likelihood of successful surveying, and supporting an industry need for mining approaches with minimal environmental impacts, are suite fi benefits which signify opportunities across the entire value chain for technological adoption.

In order to support the resources sector and workforce in the implementation of these technologies, the RITC Supporting Automation project focuses on a holistic perspective relating to the skill requirements of operating and autonomous technologies across three discrete areas:

· Load and Haulage

· Drilling

· Laboratory Operations

The project will also assist in determining opportunities from a training product and training provider perspective to ensure the training system can respond to rapidly changing training needs.

The final project report has been endorsed by the RITC advisory Board and will be released soon.

For further information please contact Liz Crompton at the RITC.

Image source Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.