Drilling Industry Workforce Development Strategy – Ensuring Sustainability

Trading conditions in the drilling sector have rebounded strongly (in a pre-COVID-19 sense), buoyed by renewed activity in the resources sector which accounts for 50-60% of all drilling activity in Western Australia, with all major drilling contractors are reporting they are operating at full capacity (pre-COVID). The Drilling Industry Workforce Development Strategy project by the RITC was launched in 2018 assist in to identifying workforce development issues impacting the drilling industry (senior drillers, drillers and offsiders) and potential policy solutions.

The project report analysis areas include:

- Current and forecast skilling demand over the medium term

- Current training packages and industry engagement

- Skilling pathways and the potential for industry to meet changing demands

- Technology adoption (particularly automation) and its potential industry impact for the short, medium and longer term.

The report have been completed in a final draft form and will soon be made publicly available.

For more information please contact Amanda Hamilton at the RITC.

Image source Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.