Resources Sector Centre of Specialisation Strategy

The Western Australian Training Sector Reform Report highlighted the potential for TAFE to develop a Centre of Specialisation (CoS). To inform this process, the RITC undertook a project to understand the resources sector’s key requirements for a CoS.

Five industry themes were identified. A CoS should:

  • address future industry skill requirements and focus on “training for jobs” to support economic growth in WA;

  • create efficiencies in the TAFE sector by consolidating training delivery;

  • drive collaboration between TAFE’s and allow for specialisation across the system;

  • offer world class training to meet industry needs; and

  • provide a single point of entry into the TAFE system.

Research was conducted into leading practice in CoS to identify success factors that would need to be taken into consideration. The findings detailed in the report identified six key principles to guide the development of a successful COS, including:

  • Delivers consistently high quality training;

  • Works in a highly collaborative way with industry;

  • Delivers teaching excellence;

  • Located in places which are geographically relevant to the industry;

  • Contemporary training infrastructure; and

  • Highly engaging for students and promotes a long-term affiliation with the industry.

The study concluded that a COS for the resources sector would be best met through a single hub servicing both the mining and the oil and gas sectors. The findings reinforce the need for the WA Training Sector to work closely with industry from the outset in the development of a COS, considering the extent of planning and investment required to be recognised by industry and the wider community for excellence.

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